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Как 11-класники покорили Черновцы и Львов

На прошлой неделе 11-классники взялись за учёбу с большим вдохновением и свежими идеями. А все потому, что им повезло целых 5 дней провести в живописных городах - Черновцах и Львове, и вернуться оттуда с кучей впечатлений. Надеемся, что вас не смутят отзывы АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке, просто в этой поездке дети как никогда осознали, что "Україна - це Європа" :)

Toniiiiiiiight weeee are yooooooooong!!!!! It was one of the best trips of my life. Nature was amazing and also food was very delicious. Chocolate. A lot of chocolate...And coffee. We had a whale of time in Lviv. Nikita

We had a great journey with my classmates and teachers. I remembered trip primarily by the warm and sincere atmosphere. Unfortunately, there were some boring excursions, where we lost quite a lot of time. However, considering all the pros and cons our trip was satisfying. Kristi

I want to say that I was very satisfied with the trip. One of the main reasons is that my dream was to go to the mountains and my dream came true. I also liked Chernivtsi but not at all, only a few streets. But I fell in love with Lviv. This city reminded me Wien. But the main reason why I really liked the trip is that I was there with all my friends who I felt happy and relaxed with and we spent amazing time together. Denis

Our trip was fascinating. We found out many interesting places, cafes and beautiful streets, hidden from the eyes of an ordinary tourist. I liked our cozy talks, hot chocolate in Lvivska Maisternia, coffee smell all around the city, warm weather and sincere smiles. It was a good time and I didn't want it to finish. Natalie

Our trip consisted of the trip to Chernivtsi for 3 days and after that we went to Lviv for 2 days. On the first day we went on an excursion around the Chernivtsi and in the evening we went to an awesome restaurant.

On the second day we got up very early because we needed to go to the mountains, which are located not so far from the city. The nature there was fabulous. We took lots of photos there. On the next day we went to Lviv and we had a lot of fun going by train there. Our hotel in Lviv was located almost in the centre of the city and we went on a bicycle excursion on the first our day in Lviv. And on the last day we've just walked around the city, went to few cafes and restaurants. To sum up, I think, that our trip was awesome. I really liked the atmosphere in those cities and the fact that I went there with my best friends. Ivan

"I enjoyed being in Lviv, that's probably my favourite town^^ Lots of awesome architecture and interesting excursions and outings)))

In Chernivtsi I liked the Kobylianska street and the University very much. It was also very cool experience to climb the Nimchich pass. The view from the top was amazing and I managed to improve my photography skills with practice. However, the most fun I consider dancing and jumping with my roommate on the beds - now we have something to remember and many splendid photos.

I'd like to recommend everyone one cafe in Lviv called "Charivniy Lihtar" It is situated on the Pidvalna street and has a very hearty atmosphere.

I would like everyone to visit Lviv in the nearest future because I'm deeply convinced that its fascinating atmosphere really helps to relax, just like "take a break" from school, work, courses and problems".


Chrnivtsi is a really beautiful city. But I like Lviv more than Chernivtsi. Lviv is a Ukrainian city, but you feel like in Europe. Lviv is the most beautiful at night. In general, I'm satisfied with this trip. Maybe, in summer, I'll back to Lviv with my friends. Nazar

"It was the second and the best trip with our class. To be honest, I was surprised with our friendship. We were always together. Sang songs, made crazy photos, laughed and watched films in the evening. Everything was amazing. I fell in love with Lviv one more time. The atmosphere there was unbelievable. I'm sure, in this city everything is possible. There your dreams come true and close people became closer.

I'm looking forward to the next trip. Hope it will be;)"

Our class has travelled to Lviv for the second time and fortunately the second trip was better than the previous one. To be honest, this trip was not the best one, but maybe it will be one of the most memorable experience in my life. We tried to join each other the whole journey and I think we succeeded in this mission. I was not very satisfied with our first part of the trip , which was in Chernivtsi. 

In Lviv I felt more comfortable and my mood definitely increased. I like the atmosphere of Lviv, these joyful people. Our teacher of English and our tutor were the best. I think they had the good time. Kolia