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More than just a good education
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The first form of Sviatoshyn gymnasium was opened in 2001, because it was too hard either for children and for their parents, or for us to say goodbye to each other. In 2013, our first graduates have successfully completed 11th grade and became students of the best Ukrainian universities. There are 150 pupils, 44 teachers and 38 employees and technical staff in Svyatoshin gymnasium.

Gymnasium is licensed by GUON for educational activity (series AB № 342751, 25.05.2007), and provides a state certificate of secondary education.

What is special about gymnasium?

  1. First of all it is our teachers. People we employ are sincere, sensitive, funny, initiative and creative. They work not only with usage of methods but with all their heart. They love their job, they are full of life and professional energy and are opened to all new, interesting and genuine.
  2. Decent level of education.

    In 2013 our first graduates have shown good results of external exams and were enrolled in the best Ukrainian universities. Our pupils are constantly among the winners of knowledge competitions organized by public and private educational institutions. They win even in knowledge competitions for nonspecialized subjects such as mathematics, history, law, etc. And at English competitions our students win prizes every year.
  3. Creative collaboration of pupils and teachers.

    We appreciate and are proud we have managed to create a friendly, frank and sincere climate, where children feel free and confident. Relations between teachers, pupils and their parents can be characterized not only as business but also as friendly. At the same time we are able to withstand a reasonable balance between the necessary discipline and joint creative.