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More than just a good education
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Sergey Dzeblyuk in column #an_honour_of_Svyatoshin_gymnasium

We continue our great Monday tradition to tell you about our students, graduates and personnel of Svyatoshin gymnasium.

Our today’s article is about Sergey Dzeblyuk, a student of 11th form, who used a creative approach to prepare his scientific paper in economics for Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (MASU).

To investigate a subject carefully Sergey studied not only scientific literature but investment activities as well during his internship in a company, which works in field of investments and startups. And in late November, Sergey took part in International Forum Innovation Market, where he helped with organizational issues and conducted excursions through start-up avenue for visitors.

Rather interesting activity to prepare scientific paper, isn’t it?

We enjoy watching how our students are looking for and eventually manage to find ways and spaces to bring their talents to light and to open doors to this big world with confidence and creativity.

and wish Sergey great scientific achievements
and realization of all his potential in business!

• Innovation Market — is an international forum that gathers in one place the brightest and the most investigative innovators, inventors, authors of successful startups, accelerators of investment projects, consultants in the field of intellectual property, Ukrainian politicians and representatives of foreign investment and financial institutions.