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We obtained a European eTwinning school award

It is now five years since Sviatoshyn gymnasium started taking part in projects from eTwinning platform: Foreign Languages department started this, then “Culture and Time” department joined, and this year thescience, literature, Ukrainian language teachers and even thereading club joined our team ("Hero, hero, where are you? Would you like to join our book?” project and others).

Our projects earned different awards: “Project of the month in Ukraine”, Quality Label, European Quality Label, “Project of the year” and the highest award – European Prize.

Recently our school received a letter from eTwinning team where they congratulated us on a new award – eTwinning School. Among 192 000 schools who collaborate with eTwinning, this reward was presented to:

  • 2216 schools in Europe;

  • 36 schools in Ukraine;

  • 2 schools in Kyiv oblast;

And we are among them!

Here is a part of a letter we received from Ukrainian eTwinning team:

“Congratulations to Ukrainian schools on earning the eTwinning School award!

This is the first award to commend the work of the whole school team including governance, not only particular teachers. We all know that having a leader who will inspire the teamwork is the key to success. Thank you for supporting ideas of your teachers and students, making projects and implementing innovative methods and technologies!”

eTwinning schools are examples of modern democratic European school model

Вітання від Єврокомісара з питань освіти, культури, молоді та спорту  

Святошинська гімназія щиро дякує проекту eTwinning за можливості рости професійно, і за визнання нашого внеску в сучасну освіту. 

Ми горді бути лідерами як в Україні, так і за її межами - у міжнародних проектах. 

І звісно, ми дякуємо нашій команді, завдяки якій Святошинська гімназія отримала статус eTwinning School і завжди серед найкращих!