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June 2019 in Sviatoshyn gymnasium

The final bell is arranged on Friday… what is next? The first month of summer!

In June several camps are working in the school:

  • 1st-4th graders will attend the full day summer camp from 3 to 27 June;
  • Secondary school students will practice English together with Foreign Languages Department and Max the volunteer in the GoCamp 2019 – from 3rd to 14th June, the first half of the day;
  • The second half of the day will be full of different activities that children can choose by themselves.

We think that eventful June is a guarantee for bright July and fantastic August.

We wish our students a great time in the summer camp!

You can learn more information about summer activities in Sviatoshyn gymnasium from our head of the education area Oleksandr Sorokin.