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Eco-project "Thoughts of eternal things"

Sviatoshyn gymnasium started working on the “Thoughts of eternal things” project, which is connected to ecology and environmental protection. During the project students discuss the Global goals 2015-2030, create educational and agitation materials.

Initially “Thoughts of eternal things” project was designed as a school project, but now, thanks to our decent materials, we are invited to take part in the international “Hand by Hand to Save our Land” project. The presentation is coming soon!

Some items live much longer than people, sometimes even for centuries. What do these things think about? Our Geography teacher, Kira Viktorivna, came up with an idea of making monologues which describe thoughts of such “eternal” stuff. The 10th and 11th grades were involved.

At “Culture and Time” lessons 7th and 8th grade students together with Nataliia Mykolaivna created posters on this topic. In the pictures, you can see clean air, earth and water who tell us that it would be better to live in an eco friendly world rather than among garbage. There are simple but meaningful comic dialogues which everyone can understand.

While working on the project, students and teachers discussed the Global goals – main development courses, approved by UN. There are 17 Goals which are going to be accomplished in 2015-2030. Many of these Goals are connected to ecology.

Soon you will have a possibility to see a presentation, where our team will describe every topic. Creators of the project want us to make an “ecology corner” with all the posters, so even younger kids will be able to understand the information and become more eco-friendly.

Information about the date of the presentation will be provided soon.

Looking forward to hearing more news about the project!