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New rewards for participation in international projects 2017-2018

This summer we received a lot of good news connected to what we have done during the year. For example, “Culture and Time” department obtained four Quality Labels from eTwinning platform for projects which we implemented together with students and teachers from other European countries. Some of the projects were made together with the Foreign languages department.

Learn more about all the awarded projects:

  • “Artists to discover”

The idea of this project was to show the artists to students through their woks and pictures. The goal of the project was to motivate students from different countries to collaborate with each other.

“Artists to discover” was useful both for students and teachers. Educators experimented with new strategies and technologies with their partners. It was important to create good conditions to develop the competence in using modern web-instruments and ICT (Information and communication technology).

The project was for high school students (8-11th forms). It resulted in an e-book which you can find here.

The letter from the hosts:

Congratulations! You have been just awarded with the Quality Label for the project Artists to discover!

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  • "Fashions of Countries, Times and People"

This project was supervised by Nataliia Vysochynska, head of the “Culture and Time” department, and (from the middle of the project) Svitlana Maierchuk, head of the Foreign languages department.

During the year students of 6-8th forms explored the history of fashion and created photo projects which helped our partners from Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and Lithuania to understand the specifics of Ukrainian clothes.

Svitlana Yuriivna joined in the middle of the project and presented a great show of unusual costumes. There were also created presentations for the international New Year party.

This project was also presented in Mystetskyi Arsenal as a part of the program “From impression to understanding”.

You can find the results of the "Fashions of Countries, Times and People" project by clicking these links:

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  • “Autumn basket”

This is a vivid project in which the high school students created the fall compositions called oshybano, admired autumn still lives, made up sad autumn haikus, shining with magic flashlights to accelerate the fall of mist and boast of our traditional autumn fair.

  •  “Creative learning with music and rhytm"

This project was about usage of music, dances and poetry as a part of any lesson. During the project students showed sketches, had creative breaks, sand animation, cartoons and musical improvisation on “Culture and Time” lessons together with the supervisor of the project Nataliia Vysochynska.

You can find the presentations and video of “Autumn basket” and “Creative learning with music and rhythm” projects by clicking these links:

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We congratulate the “Culture and Time” department on obtaining these labels!

We are proud of our teachers and students!

Have fun in new projects!