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/ / Head of the “Culture and Time” department on eTwinning-seminar in Prague



Head of the “Culture and Time” department on eTwinning-seminar in Prague

From 31 May to 3 June an international seminar “United in Cultural Diversity” of educational platform eTwinning took place in Prague. Our teacher Nataliia Vysochynska, the head of the “Culture and Time” department, took part in this event. We were invited to eTwinning Contact Seminar due to our international projects which we implemented on eTwinning platform during 2014-2018. The event was visited by teachers who actively use the method of projects in their teaching process. There were 44 representatives from 13 European countries: Bulgaria, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia and Czech Republic.

During the seminar teachers had an opportunity to learn some new skills how to use eTwinning website, to share experience and communicate with their foreign colleagues. For example, representatives of Czech Republic and Ukraine founded a new cultural project “Old Bricks with New Tricks”. Later, Bulgaria and Germany also joined it. The feature of this projects is the development of “XXI century skills”.

About the “Old Brick with New Tricks” project

Another good impression from the seminar was cooperation with a great team. The cooperation will continue next year as a part of new international eTwinning projects.

Sviatoshyn gymnasium is thankful to the eTwinning Contact Seminar hosts for opportunities, which they create for Ukrainian and European teachers, for new knowledge and projects that made students’ life more interesting and filled it with impressions due to interaction of different cultures. We are happy and proud to collaborate with you!


  • eTwinning is an educational program, created in 2005 by European Commission for cooperation between European schools. Teachers and students who are registered in eTwinning network have an opportunity to implement projects together with other schools. The main part of the education is the usage of informational and communicational technologies.