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Sashko Lirnyk in Sviatoshyn gymnasium

Our youngest students had a meeting with a well-known Sashko Lirnyk. If you haven’t yet heard of him or read his books, you have a lot of new to learn.

Sashko Lirnyk, whose real name is Oleksandr Vlasiuk, has a speciality of construction engineer, but he found himself as a storyteller, screenwriter, actor and TV presenter. He managed to do impossible – he revived the genre of conversational story which was no more popular in Ukraine.

His fairytales are usually full of improvisation and have unexpected plot twists. The storyteller took part in the meeting without his cat-friend but with a musical instrument – a lyre, which was extremely popular among kids. Everyone had a chance to play several notes.

Our students were very inspired by guest’s arrival and met him with applause. Sashko Lirnyk totally met their expectations.

In the beginning he told that he had written his first story when he was only 4 years old! He usually performed on stage with his stories on different events.

During the meeting everyone had a possibility to become a character of a fairytale. Sashko Lirnyk encouraged kids turn into animals, trees or even mosquitos. Both students and teachers played in many different stories. In the end of each tale there was a conclusion: about kindness, love and patriotism.

The meeting was very funny and live. The storyteller visited every class, took photos with students and signed them. Everyone had an opportunity to buy a book with an autograph.

We are sincerely thankful to Mr. Lirnyk for this show! We are also thankful to Tetiana Gabzovska, mother of our student, who suggested the idea of the meeting and helped to organize it. Many thanks to our librarian Tetiana Petrivna and everyone who helped to organize the event, took photos and wrote reviews.

We hope to continue our cooperation with the writer!


You can find the photo album from the meeting on our Facebook page.