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“Save me from dump”: join our new initiative

We are sure that you were attentive and noticed that it’s already been several weeks since we put new boxes for different types of litter. The reason for it is our participation in the project called “Save me from dump”, initiated by our geography teacher Kira Viktorivna Bobko, supported by Ukraine Without Litter organisation and the whole gymnasium family.


We already want to thank our 5th grade students for their help to compress biscuit boxes (so that they can be recycled with waste paper) and 10th grade students who collected the sorted litter and filled the “Good deeds” car which arrived to gymnasium to take the first part of litter.

Join us together with your family!

We collect:

  • Plastic bottle caps;
  • Batteries;
  • Paper;
  • Glass;
  • Metal;
  • Other recyclables.

Our goal (apart from developing our eco-self-awareness) is to collect enough plastic caps to exchange them for educational materials, printed on 3D-printer.


In the photos above you can find short instructions about recycling (you can also find them near the boxes in gymnasium) and places where you can also find boxes:

  1. Near the teachers’ room – boxes for paper and other recyclables;
  2. Near the kitchen – separated boxes for glass and metal and one common box for other recyclables;
  3. On the staircase (on the right from Nataliia Henrikhivna’s office) – boxes for paper and other recyclables;
  4. In the corridor between 5th and 9tha grade – a box for paper;
  5. On the staircase (on the left from entrance) – a box for paper;
  6. On the table near entrance – two small boxes for batteries and bottle caps.