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ECNAIS representatives in Sviatoshyn gymnasium

As it was told in the previous article, on the next day after opening of the XXX Conference of European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools (ECNAIS) European educators visited 10 private schools of Kyiv (1 in each district). Sviatoshyn gymnasium represented Sviatoshyn district.

On 20 April head teachers of schools from 8 different European countries visited our school. The meeting started from introduction and several presentations.

Head of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the District State Administration in Kyiv Y. Dubovetskyi, who presented the educational system of our district, had a very dynamic and interesting speech. Guests wrote down the information, took photos of the presentation and asked many questions.

The guests also enjoyed the presentation, made by Sviatoshyn gymnasium. They compared private schools in Ukraine and in Europe.

A tour around our school was really exciting for European guests. They visited English and math classes in kindergarten and were impressed by the kids who know geometrical terms and can count up to thousand at the age of 4-5.

They also visited some school lessons:

  • Math, 4th grade (teacher – Oksana Ustynova);
  • Physics, 10th grade (teacher – Pavlo Klymenko);
  • History, 7th grade (teacher – Yuliia Polovynchak);
  • English, 7th grade (teacher – Olga Puga);
  • Nature studies, 5th grade (teacher – Kira Bobko).

After that guests also attended our library where we introduced them our Reading club, called «BOOKля». We presented them small gifts which contained notebooks and hand-made dolls, dressed in Ukrainian national dresses, created by our teacher of art Oksana Mazurak.

Of course, we invited our guests to have lunch in our canteen. They enjoyed the dishes, especially borshch with pampushky.

As a result, both our administration and ECNAIS representatives were satisfied by this visit. In the end guests said:

“… we are happy that we chose this school among 10 others! We had a nice and fruitful time.”

“… we see that you like your job, and your team is great. Everything seemed friendly and comfortable.” have to be proud of what you are doing!

“… we didn’t expect such a level of English in Ukraine…”

“… we think you don’t realize how many unique things you do for your students…”

“… why doesn’t Ukraine share its experience with Europe? We have a lot to learn from you!”

During that visit we understood that teachers from the whole world have the same ambitions, desires and issues, no matter what their nationality or culture is. We have much more in common than it seems.

We are very thankful to European educators for warm feedback, communication and wish to continue cooperation in future.

See you later!