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Gratitude for participation in international projects

In April 2018 Foreign languages department of Sviatoshyn gymnasium received two letters of gratitude from our Indian (New Delhi) partner-school - St. Froebel Senior Secondary School ( We are extremely pleased to hear these sincere words and share them with you.

International Go Green Project

Starting from January 2018 10th grade students of Sviatoshyn gymnasium together with students from India worked on the “Go Green Project” which was related to ecology. During three months our international team, led by Svitlana Yuriivna Maierchuk, fruitfully worked on the topic: kids shared their ideas, letters, posters, had video-conferences and different discussions.

This week we received an official letter of gratitude from the Indian school::

You can find more info about the Go Green Project in the news on our website.

International project Breakfast

Soon we received one more letter of gratitude from our Indian partners, whose students joined our students in working on the international project “Breakfast”. We are happy to share this letter and memories about the project with you – there is a lot to tell about!

Many thanks to the supervisor of the project Olga Puga, teacher of English in former 7th (now 8th grade) Olena Kokosha and to our talented students for decent realization of the project!

About the “Breakfast” project:

In Spring 2017 7th grade students took part in an international project together with students from New Delhi. This project was dedicated to breakfasts and had the same name. On the first stage of the project participants learned something about each other and shared their traditions, connected to food. You can find more information by the link

On the second stage students had to cook two dishes by the recipes, received from partners, and film the process. Gymnasium’s students made a video-report about how they cooked an Indian snack and a rice pudding. Video-recipe by 7th grade students.

More information about the “Breakfast” project on our Facebook page: