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Exciting Ukrainian language classes

If you think that in the photos 7th grade students “just read”, sitting on the playground… you are both right and wrong!

Many Ukrainian language classes in 7th grade are pretty unusual. For example, this time students together with Nataliia Serhiivna Opimah worked on some grammar topics.

Half of the topics are learnt earlier than they should be according to the program. The tip is that topics are not explained to students, they only see highlighted words. Kids know that these words are special and look  them up thoroughly. So called “exploring reading”. Further in the text there is also a story about Kyivan Rus and exploration of language and traditions of those times.

Students are “just reading” a historical novel “Cherleni shchity” by V. Malyk which will help them understand “Slovo pro pohid Igoriv” and walk through the Path of the Hero – hard, controversial and accompanied by responsibility and thinking. So, apart from Ukrainian, psychology is also learnt at this lesson.

There is also cartography, ethnography and… tactics.

Specially for this lesson students learnt how Knyaz Volodymyr’s Putyvl battle against Polovtsi carried out, then – reconstructed this battle (twice, because no one wanted play as Polovtsi, so the two teams switched the roles). The playground was as Putyvl.

In the end students analyzed what where the reasons of the victory, and then united teams attacked the school.

Many thanks to Lesya Shkil for the photos and to Nataliia Serhiivna for thorough explanation of what is actually going on in “usual Ukrainian language classes” in Sviatoshyn gymnasium. Such exciting lessons make a desire to go to school again.