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Foreign Languages Festival 2018

Have you already seen some vivid announcements on the boards in the corridors of Sviatoshyn gymnasium? You may first think that they tell about a carnival, but actually they tell about the beginning of Foreign Languages Festival 2018.

Foreign Languages Festival 2018 is the name for a traditional Foreign Languages Decade which will last until the end of April. During the fest students will take part in:

  • “English language week” marathon;
  • “Easter eggs” hunting;
  • Visit of a delegation from Switzerland;
  • Cooking club “Recipes of Old England”;
  • Language quizzes, games, tea party, trips, magical and demonstrational classes;
  • and many other exciting adventures!

You can see the full schedule on boards in gymnasium or in the photos. Join our activities and get along with foreign languages. Almost :)

Schedule of Foreign Languages Festival 2018

Opening of Foreign Languages Festival 2018

On Tuesday, 10 April, 1-5th grades students started the Foreign Languages Festival 2018. In the photos you can see kids who are practicing their language skills to master them in future.

Who will get the School Cup?
The main intrigue of the Foreign Languages Festival 2018!

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