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The 1st place in a reciters' competition

On 15 March 3-4th grade students of Sviatoshyn gymnasium took part in a district competition of reciters which was dedicated to T. G. Shevchenko's birthday. We were proud of our young performers during the event, supported them and waited for the results.

According to the results, our school took the 1st place. It was awarded to Brandybura Hrystyna, the 4th grade student, for expressive reciting of a piece of "Kateryna" poem. It is the second year when Khrystyna takes a high place in this competition. Here you can see a video of Khrystyna's performance.


Congratulations to Khrystyna, her teachers, family and everyone who took part in her stunning result. We are sure she will continue impressing everyone inside and outside of Sviatoshyn gymnasium.

We wish you great achievements!