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Events of the Ukrainian Culture Decade

Intellectual games, quests, days of Vyshyvanka, karaoke, demonstrational lessons... so many things happened in Sviatoshyn gymnasium during the Ukrainian Culture Decade 2018! Teachers of Ukrainian language and literature spent weeks doing a great work to organize the Decade. Despite the fact it is an annual event, every year they try to experiment and create something new.

What could our students enjoy during the Decade 2018? With big pleasure we reported all the ongoing events on our Facebook page and, in order not to lose it in the tides of history, compiled everything in one big news for our website. Want to learn anything interesting about the Decade? Let`s do it!

  • Game "Through Ukrainian literature"

"Extremely interesting, amazingly exciting, remarkably educational" - all of these are reviews about the mind-entertaining game which Liliia Leonidivna Obaraz held as a part of the Ukrainian Culture Decade for the 8-10th grade students.

It is said that during the competition the organizer caused the participants and viewers to recall the biographies of remarkable figures in Ukrainian culture and to comprehend the depth of the works of Ukrainian literature. The quiz was full of excitement, passion, humour and amiability.

  • Quiz "Shevchenko for students"

On the eve of the March holidays 9th and 10th grade students were exercising how they know T. Shevchenko - they took part in an educational game about the works of the famous Ukrainian  poet. The highlight of the event was the reverse translation of "Kobzar" from Russian. The 10th grade won in this competition, however, with a very small difference - only 1.5 point.

  • Quest for 5-7th grade or How we played "Shevchenko"

On 5 March on the 7th lesson all students of 5-7th grade took part in a quest "Familiar Taras Shevchenko". Excitement, searching, waiting for the results... They were running, finding information, creating maps, reciting poems. And what is the most important: they had good mood, good knowledge, teamwork, will to win... access to the Internet, "Kobzar" and a book about Ukrainian literature.

According to the overall results victory was achieved by the 7th grade (23.5 points in 30 minutes) and 6th grade (30.5 points in 74 minutes) teams. These teams shared the 1st place. The 5th grade team got the 3rd place (23 points in 76 minutes). Congratulations to the winners!

Many thanks to the Ukrainian language and literature department for hosting the event, and to our librarian, who calmly withstanded the search in the library during the quest.

  • Intellectual game "I know Ukrainian language"

As a part of the Ukrainian Culture Decade 9th grades tested their linguistic abilities in an intellectual game called "I know Ukrainian language" which was organized by the teacher of Ukrainian language and literature Inna Ivanivna. Latysh Daria and Denis Horielov had the same score - 27 points out of 35 - and both became winners. Other participants also reached decent results:

  • Honcharov Oleksii - 26.5 points;
  • Ponomarenko Volodymyr - 26 points;
  • Kotliarskyi Leon - 24 points;
  • Ptashynska Oleksandra - 20 points;
  • Zahoruiko Oleksandr - 20 points.

We are proud of our 9th grade students, their persistence and willingness to fight with grammar, spelling and phraseologies till the last task!


  • Turning attestation into... THEATRE

Do you like theatre? The 7th grade students like it so much that they turned the foreign literature attestation by Sherlock Holmes into a colourful preformance. They created the scenario by themselves, prepared costumes and prop - and a new story about remarkable Sherlock Holmes was on the stage.

From our side, we are excited about how creatively our students reinvent academic tasks.

This week we are waiting for the last events of the Ukrainian Culture Decade 2018: karaoke-party, creative gatherings and some more interesting lessons. We are very thankful to the Ukrainian language and literature department and to our new head of educational work for creative ideas, high-quality realization and inspiration in how they share their knowledge and love to their native culture!

Day of Vyshyvanka 2018 in primary school