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/ / Sofia Kushnerchuk in our column "Gymnasium is proud of them"



Sofia Kushnerchuk in our column "Gymnasium is proud of them"

While Ukraine celebrates victories of our Olympians, in Sviatoshyn gymnasium we also have students and victories, which we are proud of and want to share with you.

Today in our column, we proudly tell you about Sofiia Kushnerchuk, the 7-th grade student who was called "The best goalkeeper" on a tournament in Zakopane (Poland) in January. Are you intrigued? Learn more then!

Sofiia Kushnerchuk studies in the 7-th grade in Sviatoshyn gymnasium. Everyone knows her as a very kind, friendly, hard-working girl who is loyal to her friends and her team - youth football team "Chaika", where Sofiia is the only girl and a remarkable goalkeeper. And she is the youngest player, by the way!

In gymnasium many people know about her passion and respect it - both in her class and beyond it.

Sofiia's classmates say that she is a very good friend: she always helps or gives you some advice if you ask her; takes care of newcomers, "dreams about having everyone as a friend". Meanwhile kids are emphasizing on her being very sporty. "She is a strong and determined person, who reaches the goal even if it takes a lot affords".

Teachers, from their part, respect Sonia because she is modest and conscientious. They consider her as a person who always has her own view, who listens to others, but if it is needed, stands her ground.

And now it is time to return to her achievements which we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

In January Sofiia and her team took part in a competition in Zakopane. It was a youth football championship of Eastern Europe, in which teams from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine participated. Ukrainian team won the competition, and Sofiia Kushnerchuk was awarded as "The best goalkeeper of the tournament".

We sincerely congratulate Sofiia and her family on these victories! Such achievements can not be reached in one day. They need great work and great amount of resilience and support. We admire your family!

We know that in the future Sofiia wants to be a football coach and to create her own sports school. Sviatoshyn gymnasium from all the heart wishes her all the best and fulfilling all her dreams!

Move forward to the new heights!

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