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GO GREEN: Ukraine-India International Project

As a part of the international "Go Green Project" 10-th grade students from Sviatoshyn gymnasium together with students from India are working on an important subject - ecology. The project includes several stages, starting from January 2018.

  • At the first stage of the "Go Green Project" kids exchanged their letters where they expressed their attitude to the situation in Ukraine and India. Then they had a possibility to discuss their letters and views during a video conference. Our students were very enthusiastic about the conversation, but then... both sides of the conference suddenly started singing traditional Ukrainian and Indian songs, which surprised their teachers. In the end our students used Skype to show snow to their Indian peers, whose impression had no limits.
  • At the second stage project's participants created ecology-themed posters.

Here are some of the works. Both teachers and kids were touched by the topic, so they created deep and wise series of posters. We decided to make a board where everyone can read letters and see the result of creative work. Keep up for updates of our gallery in gymnasium's corridors.

Go Green Project 2018:
eco-posters (Ukraine-India)

Then participants of the project will write and present each other songs and continue communicating through letters and video-conferences. Svitlana Yuriivna Mayerchuk, the head of the foreign languages department, supervises the project on behalf of Sviatoshyn gymnasium.

Stay informed about what is going on in the project on our Facebook page: News about the project appear there first.