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/ / Oleksiy Goncharov in our column "Gymnasium is proud of them"



Oleksiy Goncharov in our column "Gymnasium is proud of them"

Today, for the first time this year, we return to our favourite column, where we proudly tell about the workers, students and graduates of Sviatoshyn gymnasium. This time the character of our article is Oleksii Honcharov - 9-th grade students who professionally plays basketball. In the 2017-2018 season his team took the 5-th place in the European Championship, and Oleksii was considered to be the best player in his age group. It is something to be proud of, isn't it?

One more special feature of this article is that the material was prepared by the 11-th grade student Kateryna Kravtsova. The fact that our students are happy to write about each other is worth to be proud of as well.

In Sviatoshyn gymnasium it is easy to recognize Lyosha even from a distance - he is much higher than the others. But not only his height makes him special: he is a very bright, smiley person, a good friend, who is easy to be around. Everyone - his teachers and classmates - tells only great things about him.

Moreover, Oleksii is the best basketball not only in our gymnasium but outside it. He started playing basketball in 2013 when he was only 10 years old - and in the same year his team won the Kiev championship. Then, year by year, Oleksii has trained and developed his talent under the leadership of his father - Dmytro Mikolaiovych, our physical education teacher, and he has achieved worthy results many times!

As it was mentioned, in the 2017-2018 season his team was the 5-th in the European Championship. However, the season is still not over, so there are many other victories ahead, which we will congratulate Lyosha on.

If someone asked me "What character does Lyosha remind you of?", I would say jokingly: "The Big Friendly Giant". His classmates also say that he is very bright. This is what they wrote when I asked them to share their impression of him:

Lyosha is a person who always brings happiness, he is never sad or boring. He is kind, strong, trustworthy. You can rely on him, and he will always help you if you need it. He has supported me many times.

"As for me, Lyosha is an open person. If you get to know him well, you will see that he is versatile. He doesn't only play basketball. He is interested in computer games, music. He is easy-going and you always have something to talk with him."

"Lyosha is a person who spends his energy and time to become better. He is interesting, sympathetic, hard-working. You always get his moral support and any others you need."

"To the outside observer it may seem that he is frivolous and he doesn't think about anything but basketball, but in fact it is not true. I usually see him being very serious in class, he cares a lot about his studying."

Oleksii is very hard-working and ambitious. If he understands that he needs English to go to international competitions, he will learnt it until he gets the result he needs.

He is very conscientious, when he does the thing he is devoted to - you can see it yourself. Visit our gymnasium in spring or autumn in the afternoon after classes: you will definitely meet him on the sports ground - he will be playing there with his friends or himself, throwing the ball into the basket.

Recently I was invited to visit a career advice lesson where I had a possibility to see Oleksii from another side.

On the lesson they learnt how to write CV. During the practice I pretended to be the director of the imaginary company and had to choose one candidate with the best CV. Among more than 25 works  the most creative, interesting and surprising was exactly Lyosha's.

What is more - during the mini-interview it turned out that Lyosha is a motivator for some people in the gymnasium. His attitude to basketball and studying, his work and his achievements inspire both teachers and students. They, indeed, said: "It is really inspiring how much time and energy he spends on his self-realization."

Many thanks to everyone who shared their opinions about Oleksii. It was a great pleasure to prepare this material. I am sure that in the future he will impress everyone with numerous victories and achievements. Best wishes!


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