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Learning Ukrainian literature through visiting theaters

What works of Ukrainian literature are remembered for years? They are ones which characters we sincerely sympathize and feel the same way. Performing arts certainly helps a lot in getting closer to the characters. That's why our high school students regularly visit the theatre with Liliia Leonidivna Obaraz - the teacher of Ukrainian language and literature. They will soon become not only theatregoers, but the foremost experts on city performances. So, we would like to share some photos of these cultural events.

At the beginning of winter, the 10-th grade students watched the play "Crossed ways" by I. Franko, which they had recently learnt in the Ukrainian literature classes. They were impressed by "the whirlpool of emotions, beautiful scene decorations, colourful visual effects and music, which emphasized the dramatic tension of the play". Taking into account their great mood and good sense of humor, this evening was unforgettable for the students.

Another time neither snow nor cold stopped our 8-th grade students on their way to the Molodyi theatre. They watched a play which was already performed more than 400 times - "Wedding in Honcharivka". However, every time the viewers welcome this play with laughter and applause. When our students visited the performance that night, there was the same.

If you have time and inspiration, you are welcome to the play. The 8-th grade students admire the beauties of songs, dances and, most of all, jokes and Ukrainian humor. They ensure that you will get a great mood and pleasure in this cultural event.

Look forward to the new reports from our theatregoers!