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Our victories in natural sciences contest

Congratulations to another group of our winners! This time it was an interactive  international sciences contest "Kolosok" (official website of the contest).

Golden (the highest) award winners:

- 2-nd grade students - Hanenko M. O., Marchenko D. P., Melnyk M. Y., Postashchuk Y. D., Strutynskyi V. I., Khomenko A. V.;

- 11-grade student - Lazos Mariia.

Silver award winners:

- 2-nd grade - Larina K. Y., Moshchenko M. P.;

- 5-th grade - Znak Mykhailo, Lytvyn Yelisei;

- 6-th grade - Mitiuk Fedir,  Zelenskiy Illia, Antonenko Sofiia;

- 7-th grade - Atamanchuk Sofiia, Zholud Anastasiia;

- 9-th grade - Zubko Kseniia, Naumenko Iryna, Poturnak Anastasiia, Sizova Yeva, Trehub Sofiia;

- 10-th grade - Arkhipov Yevhen, Yasynskyi Mykyta.

Many thanks to all the winners and their teachers for their conscientious daily work, and to the primary school teacher Inna Pravuk for her help in organizing the contest in the Sviatoshyn gymnasium!

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