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ALOHOMORA: two video-conferences as a part of an international project

Is it possible to learn English and prepare for the holidays at the same time? Of course! Especially if you take part in the international ETwinning projects and have the persistent partners from Spain and Slovenia, who can teach you something interesting and learn something from you.

As a part of the project "Alohomora! Unlocking borders" the 7-th grade students from the Sviatoshyn gymnasium had two Christmas video-conferences - with Spanish and Slovenian students, so:

  • Spanish kids taught our kids how to make a snowman out of socks and buttons, and our girls held a skype master class in making 3D snowflakes;
  • we taught Slovenians how to make our big 3D snowflake. Our girls gave instructions in English professionally, so everything was great. Our partners trained us to make the paper-made decoration - a Christmas tree. You can see the results on the photos.

In general, these lessons were very emotional, and kids from all three countries did the fruitful work and had great fun. Such online meetings have become traditional for our students. They take part in the international projects, communicate on the forums, comment on each other and work online as teams.

Many thanks to Olga Puga for heading the project
and making the regular reports from the fields.
To be continued!

The news about the video-conferences  within the E-Twinning project Alohomora was first published on our Facebook page:

- the first Christmas video-conference (Spain) -;

- the second Christmas video-conference (Slovenia) -

You can learn more about the start and point of the project Alohomora on our website by clicking on the link: