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ALOHOMORA: gymnasium is taking part in the new international project

Finally, our 7-th grade students joined the new international project with a bit strange name "Alohomora! Unlocking borders". The project is held on the eTwinning platform and as always allows to participate students from several European countries.

On the first stage kids from different countries play the "Mystery game" via Skype conference, where they guess, which countries are their partners from. Two teams ask each other in English and try to guess the nationality of their partners. Due to this intrigue, the video-conferences were very energetic. Our 7-th grade students where first to guess that their partners are from Spain, but the Spanish students had some difficulties. It took a long time for our Greek partners, as well. Kids from Slovenia, however, where first to guess where we are from.

On the photos you can see our students while they are communicating with the Spanish students. At the end it turned out that they are our old partners with whom we took part in the project "Tobby is on tour" in the 5-th grade. For participation in this project we were given the National Quality Label from eTwinning in the October 2016 (you can see the news about it by clicking on this link:

At the present time four countries are taking time in the "Alohomora" project: Ukraine, Spain, Slovenia and Greece. The project is held on the eTwinning platform. On the next stage of the project our students are going to communicate on the Twinspace platform.

Congratulations to Olga Puga (the supervisor of the project)
and to the 7-th grade students on the great beginning!


"Alohomora" is a spell from the "Harry Potter" saga which opens any lock.

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