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Making presents for our eTwinning partners

As a part of the international eTwinning project "Sharing international cultural experience through eTwinning emotions" students of Sviatoshyn gymnasium made gifts for our international partners - students from Georgia, Poland and Czech Republic.

During the work on the project kids are communicating, sending letters, sharing videos and small holiday gifts. The supervisor of the project on behalf of Sviatoshyn gymnasium is Nataliia Vysochynska, the head of the "Culture and Time" department.

For example, our partners from Georgia sent us a video of how they were making the project.

From our side, our students with teachers from the "Culture and Time" department (Nataliia Vysochynska, Liudmyla Berdei, Svitlana Kalinichenko and Oksana Mazurak) prepared a lot of interesting things for our partners. They alsotook photos and made videos about Ukrainian traditions and our preparations for the holidays.

After sharing video-messages is was time to pack the gifts. In the photos you can see our students who are involved in this process.

We hope that our partners from Georgia, Poland and Czech Republic will enjoy our presents and we will continue working with them within eTwinning projects (

See you in the new projects!

  • eTwinning is an educational program by European Committee founded in 2005 with for the purpose of developing cooperation between European schools. Teachers and students, who are registered in the eTwinning network, have possibility to make projects together with other European schools. The main component of the education is the usage of information and communication technologies. The eTwinning project expands the area of educational possibilities for teachers and students, improves the motivation to study and collaboration with Europe.