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Business English at the 10th Grade

Starting from September, 10th grade students of Sviatoshyn gymnasium have several lessons of business English every month, where they learn how biggest world companies work. At the same time, they master their language skills and learn vocabulary which will help them become millionaires!

What are the business English classes in the 10th grade?

For example, if the topic of the lesson is "Job interview", someone of the applicants will definitely say "Please, give me a paper where I will write how much I want to earn and we will make a deal..."

So business English is learnt with humour. They usually learn new vocabulary through contexts. People who visited the classes say that they are not only effective, but also spectacular. It is the best compliment for the students.

In the photos: job interviews where you can easily understand who the bosses are. Some rehearsalbefore great future never harmed anyone.

In the photo: having a lesson with the topic "Nike". During the lesson directors, shareholders and market analysts had hard discussions about different questions. Then competitors from the Adidas company were invited to the discussion, too.

In the end students were given a serious homework: write a letter of complaint to the corporation for poor quality products. Hope we will get some interesting works.

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To be continued!