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Meals and health

Adequate ration is as important for child’s development as warm atmosphere and proper education. That is why cooks in Sviatoshyn gymnasium see to it that the food is tasty and healthy.

At our kindergarten there are:

  • 4 meals per day (balanced diet with respect for the natural selection of products);
  • Daily diet contains fruits and vegetables;
  • Clinical nutrition is provided for children with certain medical parameters (diet #5).
Крем-суп із гарбуза 
з сухариками та зеленню

Булгур із котлетою
Салат із пекінської капусти з кукурудзою 
під вершковим соусом
Сирно-ягідна запіканка 
зі сметанною підливою

Medical support

Medical support is carried out by 2 full-time nurses in accordance with children’s age and individual characteristics. Vaccinations are carried out according to the immunization schedule by written consent of parents.